Verb T - Morning Process '10 Year Anniversary' (Digital)

Verb T - Morning Process '10 Year Anniversary' (Digital)

  • £7.00

Celebrating Verb T’s MORNING PROCESS LP turning ten over the weekend, we are delighted to present Verb T - ‘Morning Process 10 Year Anniversary Edition’; a newly curated offering of the seminal LP that extends the original vision with add-ons including BRAND NEW MUSIC.

Sprinkle some celebratory MERCH and a UK TOUR (starting this week) into the mixer and it’s safe to say that the celebrations are set to go on until morning.

Produced by Verb T

Morning Process ’10 Year Anniversary Edition’ is OUT NOW.



  1. Wake Up
  2. Be Your Own Hero
  3. Said and Done
  4. Listen to Me
  5. On the Edge (Pt. 1)
  6. Snake Plissken (feat. Skriblah, Cappo)
  7. The Morning Process
  8. Where You Find Me 
  9. Happy Crazy
  10. Sittin' Here (feat. BVA)
  11. Don't Damage Yourself
  12. On The Edge (feat. Fliptrix, Jam Baxter, Karizma) [Pt. 2]
  13. Love Me, Leave Me
  14. Red Ink (feat. Kosyne)
  15. Life in a Day
  16. Undivided
  17. Undivided (Instrumental)
  18. The Morning Process (Instrumental)
  19. Said and Done (Instrumental)


Download comes in both WAV & MP3 format.