Telemachus - Boring & Weird Historical Music (LIMITED EDITION 2 x12" GATEFOLD VINYL)

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'One of those slightly obscure figures who has helped British music move along more than most people will probably ever know.'  - The Guardian

South London avant-garde producer, and long time High Focus collobator, Telemachus, is set to release 'Boring & Weird Historical Music' on the 22nd of May 2020.

Counting Trip-Hop, Ambient, West African High Life, Dancehall, Jungle, Folk and Film Soundtracks as his influences, there is something for everyone on this creative masterpiece.Predominantly instrumental but does have a handful of collaborations with vocalists Killa P, Jerome Thomas, RHI, Penelope Oddity and Chris Belson. ‘I Am Delicious And Cute. So I Will Go Buy Again’ is a meditative journey upriver, whilst ‘Wickedest Ting’ completely flips the switch with a dancehall barrage from Killa P. Another highlight is the apocalyptic jazz of ‘Greed’ which features the remarkable neo-soul vocals of Jerome Thomas.

During times of such uncertainty, music and its healing properties have become even more vital. ‘Boring & Weird Historical Music’ is a calming, curative and monumental 15 track journey through the mind of the enigma that is Telemachus. As he himself puts it: ‘the album certainly rewards a thorough and engrossed listen, but equally the general atmosphere is pleasant enough to play for your auntie when she comes for tea.’

This limited edition double LP comes in a premium gatefold sleeve, with exclusive artwork as well as the the story of 'Uncle Som', a peculiar parable, upon which the album is based around

Limited to 300 copies.

Released on the 22nd of May 2020

'Boring & Weird Historical Music' comes with a digital download upon fulfilment of your order.