Renelle 893 - Art Thief (LIMITED EDITION 12" BLACK VINYL)

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“Talk about a misfit, living in his own world…”

High Focus Records is delighted to announce ‘Art Thief’, the debut album from Renelle 893.

Citing Steve Jobs’ famous use of Picasso’s "Good artists copy, great artists steal” quote as central to the concept, ‘Art Thief’ is the culmination of Renelle’s wide-eyed appreciation of the river of influences that feed into the music he makes. From the trials and tribulations of life in the big smoke, to the grandiose cultural references that contribute to his style, the album is a triple distilled example of taking cues from the world and making them your own.

Art Thief’ is also a transformative listen, Renelle embarking on a profoundly personal journey across 14-tracks; addressing love, family, addiction, loyalty, pleasure and pain, each chapter expertly soundtracked by long-time collaborator Bay29. His expert production serving as the glue that binds the deeply personal with the wider narratives amidst a flurry of samples and signature breaks.

With guest appearances from CLBRKS, Illiterate and HF’s own Nelson Dialect, ‘Art Thief’ is Renelle’s best attempt (to date) of transcending the rap game; this notion best represented in the album artwork which pays homage to Caravaggio's 'St. Jerome Writing', casting Renelle as both creator and masterpiece.


1 - Escape Route
2 - Gentleman
3 - The Stairs
4 - Quiet Time
5 - Spilling My Feels
6 - Play Your Role (feat. Clbrks)
7 - Hitting L's
8 - Don't Call Me
9 - Art Thief
10 - Slow Down (feat. Illiterate)
11 - The Seed (feat. Nelson Dialect)
12 - When The World Don't Like You
13 - Epi Pen
14 - Hunger Kills

🎨 - Olive Elston

Limited edition black pressing on vinyl, full colour 350gsm reverse board gatefold sleeve. 14 track album. Shrink wrapped.

'Art Thief' is OUT NOW, officially released on 29.02.2024.

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