King Kashmere & Alecs DeLarge - The Album To End All Alien Abductions (CD)

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What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? They make an album.

The adequately titled ‘The Album To End All Alien Abductions’ sees UK stalwart King Kashmere and producer/rapper extraordinaire Alecs DeLarge unite for a 24-track ride through an epic space age boom bap odyssey.

“F**k with your boy Judas Ascariot, who came back swinging - whipping the super chariot” declares a triumphant King Kashmere on the album opener ‘Angel Strike’, proving he hasn’t lost a step since his last full length rap project, #LP4080 dropped back in 2017.

Thematically Kash’s lyrics are routed in sci-fi and Jack Kirby era comic lore, but on cuts such as ‘Old Earth’ (an ode to his Mother and coming of age on a North London council estate and ‘House of Cards’ (an exploration of mental health) the Iguana Man shows a rare glimpse into the man behind the freshly pressed super suit.

Musically Alecs is at his most experimental, wielding his AKAI S950 to craft a unified sonic colour palette rooted in 90’s sensibilities whilst also keeping the sound fresh and evolving, taking cues from titans such as Madlib & The Alchemist.

Several cuts also see Alecs stepping from behind the boards to join Kashmere on mic duties, a pairing best displayed on the dusty bubbler ‘Most Blunted’ in which the duo trade verses in a puff puff pass of lyrical spliff boxing.

With a feature list spanning both sides of the Atlantic, the duo show that the UK has a firm seat at the table in the international hip hop community.

Featuring Moka Only (Canada), Jerré (U.S.A),  Verb T, HPBLK, Booda French, Ash The Author, Renelle 893, Maddy & King Kakarott, ‘The Album to End All Alien Abductions’ is scheduled for release on 20.06.23 on High Focus Records.


01 - Worldwide [Intro]
02 - Angel Strike
03 - Damien Darhk
04 - Limbo Genki Dama Feat. King Kakarot
05 - Old Earth
06 - Intergalaktus
07 - Fonk Abyss
08 - 4000 AD Feat. Renelle 893
09 - Inside [Skit]
10 - Dustman Feat. Jerré
11 - £££ For Beats! [Skit]
12 - The Essence
13 - Blue [Instrumental]
14 - House Of Cards
15 - Hollywood Feat. Fliptrix [Skit]
16 - Soul Calibur
17 - Most Blunted
18 - Virus World [Instrumental]
19 - Solar Flare Feat. Verb T & Moka Only
20 - Infinitizm
21 - Astro Children Feat. HPBLK, Ash The Author & Booda French
22 - North Star Feat. Maddy
23 - Deepspace Slime [Outro]
24 - Old Earth [Remix]

Limited run of 200 copies. This CD comes shrink wrapped with a digital download of the album upon fulfilment of your order.

*Vinyl is scheduled to ship on 28.05.23