Fliptrix - Primordial Soup (Digital)

Fliptrix - Primordial Soup (Digital)

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Following hot in the footsteps of comeback single ‘Mantra No. 9’, Fliptrix joins forces with long-time-collaborator King Kashmere on ‘Primordial Soup’.

Having rubbed shoulders since the mid-noughties (Kash and Verb T used to take a young Fliptrix on tour and have him perform a few tracks each night), and with it being a cool six years since the duo last collaborated (‘Smoke Lingers Always’, 2016), it is a welcome return.

With fellow HF artist Pitch 92 offering up a rich tapestry on production, ‘Primordial Soup’ is a perfect next-assail-point in the trajectory from ‘Mantra No. 9’ and beyond; Fliptrix and Kashmere offering up a dynamism rooted in their many years of friendship, but firmly situated in the HERE-AND-NOW.

🎹 - Pitch 92

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'Primordial Soup' is OUT NOW.

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