Ed Scissor - POST SLEEP Deluxe Boxset

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POST SLEEP is an anthology of lyrics, prose and stories celebrating a decade of writing by Ed Scissor.

Sprawling in genre yet unmistakeable in style, POST SLEEP takes us from the claustrophobia of a small English town to the grotesque technocracy of a near future, as its protagonists grapple for connection and belonging. Charting the lead up to the end of days, its eight acts ponder the micro and the macro of the human condition - navigating the insufferable and the sublime.

Ed chronicles his nights and days across a 200-page book and accompanying audiobook, teaming up with composer and multi-instrumentalist Chapel Tapes. The duo working together in a 1000-year old Leper Chapel to create a series of dreamscapes, pairing key excerpts from the POST SLEEP text with an original score that evokes a meditative calm (especially on late walks with nothing but a pair of headphones on empty streets as company).


With only 100 units in existence, the POST SLEEP Deluxe Boxset features the work of acclaimed illustrator Tishk Barzanji on a unique set of artworks across both the POST SLEEP book and audiobook; Barzanji’s symbolism peppering the pages of the text, further blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. With a set of exclusive RISO prints included in the offering, along with of totally unique, 1-of-1 Polaroid, POST SLEEP is without question Edward’s most ambitious project to date.

POST SLEEP Deluxe Boxset includes:

BOOK: 15 x 20cm, 200 pages on Evolution recycled paper, Full colour softcover, Perfect bound. Signed and titled.

AUDIOBOOK: Limited Edition Cassette designed by Tishk Barzanji. Signed and numbered. #20 Excerpts from POST SLEEP; set to an original score by Chapel Tapes, composed and recorded in a 1000-year old Leper Chapel on the outskirts of Cambridge. A digital download is also included.

PRINTS: Limited edition pair of original ‘Pink And Blue’ RISO Prints by Tishk Barzanji celebrating the POST SLEEP book / audiobook cover art. Signed by the artist.

POLAROID: 1-of-1 Photograph captured by Ed Scissor while researching for the POST SLEEP project.

FORTUNE COOKIE: A 1-of-1 fortune cookie foretold by Ed Scissor.

STICKER: An exclusive POST SLEEP sticker.