Talos - Dissonance (Digital)

Talos - Dissonance (Digital)

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High Focus Records is proud to present 'Dissonance' a new instrumental album by London producer Talos. 

Taking a very different approach from his recently released ‘Lowlight’ EP release, Talos says ’…to me it’s a much more conceptual and experimental project than Lowlight, Lowlight is more musical and has guest artists whereas I wanted each track on Dissonance to be a song in itself. I felt like I wanted to push the boundaries of what an “instrumental project” could be… 

Dissonance’ is indeed much more than a collection of 16 instrumentals, Talos has built up an entire concept around the album combining both the modern with the ancient, much like the loops and snippets he has brought together to create the record. One only needs to turn on the news or flick through a newspaper to see the proof that The modern world is in a state of ’Dissonance: as the definition of the word: ‘lack of agreement or harmony between people or things’ seems to be the status quo everywhere we look - Talos has called upon an ancient Greek myth, also his namesake, for a solution - Talos, in reality, is named after a giant mythical bronze robot, who is said to have protected the island of Crete from invading pirates for centuries. On ‘Dissonance’ Talos has scaled up the legend to become the protector of the entire world, defender of good vibrations on earth, counteracting this toxic state of Dissonance



1. Atomic War
2. Talos Enters
3. Jazz Piano Brainwash
4. Man Needs Love PT. 1
5. Man Needs Love PT. 2
6. A New Age (Skit)
7. 420,000 MPH
8. Man Has Failed (Skit)
9. Secrets Of The Universe
10. Sour Dough
11. Peace
12. Mother Earth (Outro)
13. Here He Comes (Skit)
14. Lost The Way
15. Death 4 All Humans (Skit)
16. Times Is Rough