Contact Play - Champion Fraff (Digital)

Contact Play - Champion Fraff (Digital)

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'Champion Fraff' is super group Contact Play's first album, now regarded as a modern day UK Hip Hop classic. Contact Play is Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter, Edward Scissortongue, Mr. Key, Ronnie Bosh & DJ sammy B-Side. A must have for all collectors.


1. Small Talk

2. Talk Big

3. Fingers In Your Nose

4. Ooh Ooh (Skit)

5. This Year

6. Death Of A Prick Pt. 1

7. Like This

8. Little Pissed Off

9. Falling Innit

10. juicing

11. Word To The Wise

12. Contact Play 

13. Serious Man Business

14. fishfingers

15. News To Me

16. For F**k's Sake

17. Death Of A Prick, Pt. 2

18. Fumes