Verbz & Mr Slipz - Radio Waves (Digital)

  • £7.00

High Focus Records is proud to present Verbz & Mr Slipz’ milestone of an album, ‘Radio Waves’.

This record is the culmination of 2 years of hard work and is jam packed with absolute HEAT, as we have all come to expect. With with their unrivalled chemistry, the dynamic duo have proven themselves to be some the most exciting artists on the scene . ‘Radio Waves’ is going to cement their position at the top of the pile, considering the calibre of Verbz' penmanship and the sheer density of Mr Slipz' production.


1- 2202 Fm

2- Radio Skit 1

3- Changed

4- Falling Feat. Melanin 9

5- Summer In The Bits

6- Scenes

7-Radio Skit 2

8- Decline Of Self Feat. Confucius MC & Coops

9- Piece Of Shit

10- Hold Ur Own

11- Kno Tha Status Feat. Axel Holy, Datkid & Upfront

12- Radio Skit 3

13- The Rain Feat. Riah Knight

14- Weekend Blues Feat. Indira May

15- Men Can Breathe Feat. Benaddict

16- Limitless

17- Radio Skit 4

18- My Wonders Feat. Fliptrix

19- The Feeling

20- Hope Feat. Nelson Dialect

21- In My Mind

22- Radio Skit 5