Onoe Caponoe - Concrete Fantasia (LIMITED EDITION 2 x 12" NEON PURPLE 'CHESHIRE CAT' VINYL)

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Psych-rap enigma Onoe Caponoe returns with his fifth studio album ‘Concrete Fantasia’ on High Focus Records.

In crystal clear communication with the mothership; littered with striking references to fantastical realms and uncommon lore, but very much anchored in the inner city blocks and smoggy roadsides that inform his everyday, ‘Concrete Fantasia’ is a dark fantasy tape that expertly blurs the lines between genres, tones, moods and character profiles.

Of this world and out-of-this-world perfectly poised; Onoe offering up escape portals, before quickly pulling the listener back in with wave-upon-wave of catdelix riptides. ‘Concrete Fantasia’ is something of a tug-of-war; peppering movie samples, vignettes and complex go-betweens tickling the senses, combining with a cacophony of mind-bending lyricism resulting in a singular journey, with Onoe confidently filling the shoes of both author and narrator.

Pinocchio ducking feds in the hood, an Ice King ruling over a frostbitten kingdom, The Cheshire Cat trying to clean up Alice’s act, sweet serenades to off-shore mermaids, the trials and tribulations of life in a haunted trap house, big booty witches, flying carpets and beyond, ‘Concrete Fantasia’ is a real trip through the imaginative mind of Onoe Caponoe

With an eclectic line-up of featured artists and productional talent propping up the fictional cast, ‘Concrete Fantasia’ has all the makings of an alt-rap odyssey for the ages.

Speaking on the album, Onoe Caponoe explains…

“I wanted to create a record that offers up an alternate space for the listener to escape while still commenting on the highs and lows of city life.”



01 - Introduction / Purple Haze Feat. Zdechly Osa (Produced by MRKBVNGXR)

02 - Slayaz / Elf Island (Produced by Kehlarj)

03 - Fifi Feat. Lil B (Produced by Forest DLG)

04 - House On The Hill (Produced by MRKBVNGXR)

05 - Pet Cemetery (Produced by Lord pusswhip)

06 - The Cheshire Cat (Produced by Kehlarj)

07 - Wipeout (Produced by Psycho Plasmics)

08 - Afro Samurai / Quest (Produced by Mutant Joe & Kehlarj)

09 - Cat Kingdom (Produced by MRKBVNGXR)

10 - Magic Carpet (Produced by Kehlarj)

11 - Pinocchio Feat. Jehst (Produced by Kehlarj / Outro by Time94)

12 - The Horsemen (Produced by Duskdriven)

13 - Ice King Feat. Lealani  (Produced by Lord Pusswhip / Outro Prod. Kehlarj)

14 - Cat In Oz (Produced by Kehlarj)

15 - Heaven's Gates (Produced by Kehlarj)

16 - Outsiders (Produced by Kehlarj)

17 - Psychosis City (Produced by Lord Pusswhip)

18 - Age Of Aquarius (Produced by Kehlarj)

Concrete Fantasia’ is OUT NOW on High Focus Records.