Fliptrix - Light Work (Digital)

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High Focus Records is proud to present Fliptrix's 8th solo album ‘Light Work’The 16-track project is a complete representation of Fliptrix as both an artist as well as reflecting the person behind the artistry. The album tackles deep-rooted issues within society, spirituality, the current state of the world as well as portraying an overarching message of peace, openness and optimism.

“Light Work is the culmination of years of experience, emotion, research and love. Crafted to heal, fulfil my desire to create and further raise vibrations.”

Featuring production from Illinformed, Chemo, Leaf Dog, Molotov, Zygote, Drae Da Ski Mask and more as well as guest appearances from The Four Owls and Vitamin G of CMPND.


01. LIGHT WORK (Produced by Drae Da Skimask)

02. HOLY KUSH (Produced by Zygote)

03. PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION (Produced by Illinformed)

04. MULTICOLOUR (Produced by DEDW8)

05. AMBIDEXTROUS (Produced by Muckaniks)

06. STETHOSCOPE (Produced by Baileys Brown)

07. SHOE LACES (Produced by Yabu)

08. POWERIZM (Produced by Yabu)

09. BROKEN GLASS (Produced by PeteH)

10. SOUL TIES (Produced by Vibes Tailor)

11. ALIGNMENT (Produced by Amba, Cuts by DJ Thor)

12. C4 FEAT. THE FOUR OWLS & JAZZ T (Produced by Leaf Dog)

13. THE REALISATION PART 2 (Produced by Molotov)

14. NO DELAY FEAT. VITAMIN G (Produced by Nick Blackos)

15. DETONATOR (Produced by Louis Jack Bear Ray)

16. VIBES (Produced by Chemo)