Dirty Dike - Acrylic Snail (Digital)

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‘Acrylic Snail’ is the fifth album from Dirty Dike. Following a three-year hiatus since his last solo outing ‘Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight’ and after a ream of production work for the likes of Rag ’n’ Bone Man (‘Put That Soul On Me’), Ocean Wisdom (‘Chaos 93’) and Lee Scott (‘Butter Fly’) during that time, Dike is back with a brand new 14-track album; his most personal release to date and a body of work that shines a full-beam-floodlight on his formative years, but moreover, the dreamlike transition between then and now.

Firmly anchored in a chapter of the UK underground before everything went to shit, situated a couple behind this current grizzly chapter, the songs bounce off the walls of abandoned industrial estates and whoosh by at breakneck speeds like trains through tunnels. The album embodies the freezing cold concrete pours, twilight toe slaps and irregularly shaped ballast banks of the network. In short, ‘Acrylic Snail’ pays homage to the things Dike saw in the very farthest reaches of night that made him who he is today.

Featuring a roster of guests vocalists (Rag ’n’ Bone Man, Jam Baxter, Lee Scott, Dabbla, Leaf Dog, Eva Lazarus, J Man, Ronnie Bosh, Inja, Killa P, Foreign Beggars) and production from a team of music makers (including Dike himself) ‘Acrylic Snail’ is an AAA invitation to Dirty Dike’s playground and further cements his hard-earned status as one of UKHH's greatest torchbearers.


1.  The Playground

2. Permanent Midnight

3. Whoops Feat. Jam Baxter & Rag’n’Bone Man

4. Caustic Soda

5. Woah Feat. Lee Scott

6.Nothing At All

7. Still The Same James

8. I Like My Nights Dark Feat. Jam Baxter

9. Syring Ditch

10. Caterpillar Funk Feat. Leaf Dog & Eva Lazarus

11. Dumb Feat. Dabbla

12. Ouch Feat. J.Man, Lee Scott & Ronnie Bosh

13. Sun Tan Of A Pig

14. Rex 01 Feat. Inja, Killa P & Foreign Beggars