‘Forest DLG's ‘Cruelty-free, Line-caught, High-fat’ DRUM PACK’

  • £20.00

High Focus Records is delighted to reveal the world's first carbon neutral drum pack.

Forest DLG combines solar-derived energy with his own patented hydroelectric rain turbines to power his studio. He has assembled this drum pack stacked with unprecedented levels of unsaturated fats along with amino-kinetic terpinoidal acids. And you sure can hear it in the music; lean, cut, toned and with unrivalled cardiovascular benefits.

‘Forest DLG's ‘Cruelty-free, line-caught, high-fat’ DRUM PACK’ is stacked with 60+ hand picked drums and loops curated by Forest DLG that are certain to elevate your production game; adding character and verve to your beatmaking sessions.

PRE-ORDERS for both ‘Echo Of The Hidden Spruce’ + ‘Forest DLG's ‘Cruelty-free, line-caught, high-fats’ DRUM PACK’ are live NOW with an official release date of 26.05.23.

All drum pack orders come with a digital copy of Forest DLG's new ‘Echo Of The Hidden Spruce’ LP.