Jman & The Argonautz - Therapy In Session (CD)

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Opening with euphoric keys and soothing birdsong, Jman & The Argonautz’ debut LP ‘Therapy In Session’ feels like a seminal moment. Not just for the band (it’s not everyday you reveal your debut album to the world) but also in the HF canon.

As a label founded on emcees and breaks, the notion of releasing a fully fledged LIVE studio album, crafted by a 6-piece of likeminded and deeply connected musicians makes for a hugely refreshing kink in the arc, at a time when championing true art has never been more important.

The thing we love most about ’Therapy In Session’ is the sense of togetherness that runs through the album. From the aforementioned opening notes to the very last cymbal, every member bringing out the very best in one another as the track list unfolds. Everything poised and perfectly measured, Jman’s lyrical dexterity and Maddy’s accompanying melodies offering up a rich assortment of emotion and mood for the band to blanket in warm arrangements.

Above all else, ‘Therapy In Session’ represents catharsis for both Jman and The Argonautz; each track a deep dive into the highs and the lows, fears, lessons and regrets that life too often throws at us; 16-tracks, each eloquent and razor sharp at every turn.



Born out of a chance meeting between lead member Weztax and rapper Jman at a studio lockup in deepest rural Devon, the early makings of The Argonautz followed a traditional emcee x producer path; Jman and Wez throwing sketches around until something stuck. The duo quickly drawing the conclusion that their new offerings HAD TO BE performed live and so they set about enlisting the skills of a tight knit group of friends and musical compadres. After an electric first session with Jamie Adam (bass) Chris Moxey (Guitar) Jon Todd (DJ / Samplist), Weztax (drums) and both Jman and most recent recruit Maddy on vocals, the energy was undeniable and The Argonautz were born.


01 - Intro

02 - Dying Breed

03 - Storm Ahead

04 - Don't Want It

05 - Faded

06 - In This Box

07 - Hold It Down

08 - Pressure Me

09 - Listen

10 - Interlude

11 - Still Rising

12 - Green Light

13 - End Of

14 - Death By Association

15 - First Born

16 - State Of Flow

Therapy In Session’ is OUT NOW!