Verb T - Morning Process '10 Year Anniversary' (LIMITED EDITION TAPE)

  • £12.00

Celebrating a cool decade of Verb T’s (@verb_t) seminal MORNING PROCESS LP with the ’10 year Anniversary’ Edition Cassette in classic ‘Sunrise Yellow and Early-AM Blue’.

Limited run of 100 copies, hand numbered.


01. Wake Up
02. Said and Done
03. Listen to Me
04. On the Edge (Pt. 1)
05. Sing the Blues 
06. Snake Plissken (feat. Skriblah, Cappo)
07. The Morning Process
08. Where You Find Me 
09. Happy Crazy
10. Sittin' Here (feat. BVA)
11. Don't Damage Yourself
12. On The Edge (feat. Fliptrix, Jam Baxter, Karizma) [Pt. 2]
13. Love Me, Leave Me
14. Red Ink (feat. Kosyne)

    This Cassette comes with a digital download of the album upon fulfilment of your order.