Onoe Caponoe - Tears of the Dragon (LIMITED EDITION TAPE)

Onoe Caponoe - Tears of the Dragon (LIMITED EDITION TAPE)

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My eyes are red but my heart’s completely blue…

Onoe Caponoe returns to earth on new album ‘Tears Of The Dragon’.


His most striking offering to date, ‘Tears Of The Dragon’ is an evolutionary listen, Onoe staying true to the primordial pillars found in the DNA of all the great albums; love and lust, loss and heartbreak key players in an inspired narrative arc that sees Onoe reveal all about his recent past in unmistakeable fashion.

Having written a heap of songs and arranged a number of versions he was MORE than happy with, real life events saw Onoe return to the bones of the album, with a desire to create something truly timeless. As a result, he moved away from a mixtape mentality and began to carve out the real truth along a stricter, more considered sonic path, crystallising his experiences with an immediacy that makes the album even more unique. 

Writing a love album made all the more sense after speaking directly to fans when touring Europe late last year. Stories of love, heartbreak, and the positive influence his music has in moments of extreme emotion became a driving force for Onoe when writing the record and constructing the arc…

“…everything is fine, then they break up, then follows the aftermath. Repeat.”

‘Tears Of The Dragon’ follows the same aesthetic that has become synonymous with Onoe’s universe. A tapestry of speeds and rhythms, nights and days, smooth and hardcore; expertly tied together by Onoe's love-fuelled source code.

15-tracks, with features from Lofty305, Ledbyher, Eter & 169 stalwart L-Zee Roselli, ‘Tears Of The Dragon’ really is an album for the ages.

As Onoe explains…

“I want this album to be my Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ … I also listened to Prince a lot and would tell people my next album is gonna sound like Prince meets Max B at a Halloween party…”



1 - Jane Flower Feat. Lofty305

2 - Going Sweet Feat. Ledbyher

3 - Summer of Love

4 - Deadly Nightshade

5 - Red Riding Hood

6 - The Wilderness

7 - Fright Night

8 - Peanut Butter

9 - Vampire Date

10 - Angel

11 - Psycho Planet Feat. Eter & L-Zee Roselli

12 - Tamagotchi Girl

13 - Million Dolla Cat

14 - Fur Rug

15 - Funky Butterfly


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