Granuja & Jam Baxter - De las Sombras (LIMITED EDITION TAPE)

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While most spend their days wading through the treacly undercurrents of a decaying hometown, Jam Baxter spends his days carving out on a new existence in the heart of Mexico City.

With a forest of rare succulents of house plants on his eighth floor balcony, a notepad in his back pocket (for lizard spotting) and a flea market typewriter primed in his writing room, Baxter affords himself the time and grace for his new surroundings to seep into him, watching his writing take on new life in the exchange; days and nights spent in quiet contemplation as he sharpens his skills in unpacking the universe.

Granuja has eschewed the at-times chaotic metropolis of Medellín for a quiet life in the hills of La Ceja, where he produces and writes (followed around by his pack of loyal dogs). Six years since his debut solo LP ‘Círculo Vicioso’ dropped back in 2017, Granuja has been steadily carving a name for himself in Latin America and beyond with a series of critically acclaimed rap releases.

Baxter & Granuja first met in 2020; the former taking an impromptu 2-hour taxi cab in thickest night to Granuja’s studio way up in the winding hills of Antióquia. As with all great creative endeavours, plans to record ‘a couple of tracks’ snowballed; a single became an EP became an album, the momentum fuelled by a new Jack Danz’ instrumental landing in Baxter’s inbox every fortnight.

Before sunrise the bones of ’De las Sombras’ were born.

There is no question that Granuja and Baxter bring out a different side of one another. The two artists hopping borders, barriers and time zones; switching languages as often as they switch flows across an album unified by an all-encompassing sense of doom.

At its core, ‘De las Sombras’ is a gothic listen. A haunting, swooning downward spiral. Blacks, whites, purples and greens bubbling a thick concoction. Life and death at loggerheads in the back-and-forth; expertly soundtracked by Jack Danz most haunting works to date and complemented by a series of curated vocal samples furthering the gloom.

We like to think of ’De las Sombras’ as an OST for the album artwork. The castle a picture perfect symbol of an album persistently flirting with the supernatural.


1 - Ruinas Pt. I
2 - Many Moons
3 - Black Clouds
4 - Pirómanos
5 - Numbers Game
6 - Wax Works
7 - Huéspedes
8 - Finales Fatícidos
9 - NTP
10 - Brujas
11 - Ruinas Pt. II

De Las Sombras’ is available to PRE-ORDER with an official release date of 01.12.23

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